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File Name: W10Privacy.zip
File Size: 3 MB
Languages: Multi-languages
Requirements: Windows 11. Windows 10. Windows 8.1. Windows 8. Windows 7. ( 64 Bit and 32 Bit)
License: Free
Author / Web: Bernd Schuster / https://www.w10privacy.de/

Latest Version Overview

W10Privacy Download for PC Windows 7/11/10/8 32/64-bit ( 2022 Latest ) – W10Privacy is a protection application that will allow you to prevent Windows from tracking your personal information and browsing habits There are always a large number of options to browse, but W10Privacy tries to create life easier by organizing them in many tabs: Privacy, Telemetry, Search, Network, Explorer, Services, OneDrive, Tasks, Tweaks and more.

By using your personal computer, browsing the web, and seeing the files on your PC, you intend to have just as much privacy as you can Click any tab and a set of related actions appears. However, that may not be possible anymore nowadays on the net because you will discover trackers on nearly every website online and many applications that utilize them to “enhance” the ability by using the app Many of these are Windows 10-specific (“Disable the Delivery Optimization Service”, the scheme where Windows updates may be obtained from other systems in your network), but others are general PC tweaks (“Show extensions for known file types in Explorer”).

Luckily, you’ve some nice security apps at your disposal, such for instance W10Privacy One immediate plus point is that many of these actions are extremely clearly described, like “Don’t let apps use my camera” or “Don’t let apps access my name, picture, and another account into”.This application will allow you to stay safe and private by using your personal computer because it will actively remove most of the trackers you’ve on your desktop, which could make you stay safe whenever you browse and keep your identity online Each action is color-coded, too, as either green (safe to set), amber (check carefully) or red (don’t try this unless you’re sure), reducing the opportunity that you’ll cause some major problems.

W10Privacy for PC Windows 7/11/10/8 (32/64-bit) ( 2022 Latest )

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Main features of W10Privacy

W10Privacy is a free privacy-focused software tool designed for Windows 10 operating system. It provides users with a range of features to help them manage and protect their privacy online. Some of the main features of W10Privacy include:

Privacy Settings:

W10Privacy allows users to configure various privacy settings on their Windows 10 device to prevent data collection, including telemetry, error reporting, and diagnostic data.

Tracking Protection:

W10Privacy can block various tracking features in Windows 10, including the Microsoft Advertising ID and web search suggestions.

Application Management:

With W10-Privacy, users can uninstall pre-installed applications that come with Windows 10, such as Microsoft Edge and Skype.

Firewall Management:

W10-Privacy allows users to configure the Windows Firewall to block or allow specific apps and services.

Update Management:

W10-Privacy enables users to control Windows 10 update settings, including the ability to disable automatic updates.

Security Settings:

W10-Privacy provides users with a range of security settings to help them protect their devices from malware and other threats, such as disabling scripting and ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer.


Sure, I can help you with W10Privacy FAQs. Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers:

What is W10Privacy?
W10-Privacy is a free software tool designed to help users protect their privacy on Windows 10 computers. It allows users to disable and modify various privacy settings on their computer.

Is W10Privacy safe to use?
Yes, W10-Privacy is safe to use. It does not contain any malware or viruses and is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest version of Windows 10.

Can I undo the changes made by W10Privacy?
Yes, you can undo the changes made by W10-Privacy by clicking the “Restore” button in the software. This will restore the default settings for the affected privacy settings.

What privacy settings can I modify using W10Privacy?
W10-Privacy allows users to modify a wide range of privacy settings, including telemetry and data collection, app access to personal information, location tracking, and more.

Can I customize which privacy settings to modify using W10Privacy?
Yes, you can customize which privacy settings to modify using W10-Privacy. You can select or deselect specific settings to modify based on your preferences.

Can I schedule regular privacy cleanups using W10Privacy?
Yes, you can schedule regular privacy cleanups using W10-Privacy. This allows you to automate the process of disabling and modifying privacy settings on your computer.

Is W10Privacy compatible with other antivirus or security software?
Yes, W10-Privacy is compatible with other antivirus or security software. However, it is recommended to consult with the software vendor or the user manual for compatibility or any other potential conflicts.

Can I use W10Privacy on Windows 11 or other versions of Windows?
W10-Privacy is primarily designed for Windows 10, however, some features may work on other versions of Windows as well. It is recommended to refer to the official documentation for more information.

Overall, W10-Privacy is a powerful tool for managing and protecting your privacy on Windows 10. It allows users to configure various settings to ensure their personal data is not being collected or shared with third-party applications or services.

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