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File Name: FWCTSetup.exe

File Size: 1.63 MB
Languages: Multi-languages
Requirements: Windows 11. Windows 10. Windows 8.1. Windows 8. Windows 7. ( 64 Bit and 32 Bit)
License: Free
Author / Web: WindowsCleanupTool /
Latest Version: 3.0

Latest Version Overview

Windows CleanUp Latest Download – Fast downloads of the latest free software! Click now. Free download for windows 11. 10. 8,1. 8. 7. Vista. XP. 32bit & 64bit, Mac & Android | Free Windows Cleanup Tool is an invaluable software application that you ought to have on your system. It can help you to keep your computer system running as smoothly and effectively as you can use a combination of numerous utility tools CleanUp will scan the recycled bin, temporary files folder, history, and internet temporary files and will delete the files from their store, so that your HD may have more space. You will find certain risks associated with downloading Windows Cleanup, so you must have the Windows Cleanup instructions before downloading it Removing many of these makes the body run efficiently and protects your privacy. This will allow you to prevent the risks which can be connected with the Windows Cleanup utility It can be utilized also if you wish to delete the tracks you leave when surfing the internet because it’ll leave no traces of one’s surfing actions.

A cleanUp is software whose absolute goal is always to eradicate any temporary file in your HD Windows Cleanup comes with an optimizer that helps the device run faster and more efficiently. This utility is useful for repairing errors that decelerate the device in addition to repairing errors that can be contained in the operating system Besides temporary files and useless registry entries, this system clears the browser cache, history, cookies in addition to bookmarks and favorites, which are optional and disabled by default. The Windows Optimizer will even scan your personal computer for invalid entries and conditions that it could have. Once it’s repaired these problems, the device will be efficient and effective for increasing the device performance. It’ll increase the Windows system dramatically and ensure it is run more effectively CleanUp may use four other ways of cleaning: basic, normal, full, or custom. The space-optimized will be different with regards to the type of scan and the full time because you did the past cleaning.

CleanUp! is a powerful and easy-to-use application that removes temporary files created while surfing the internet, empties the Recycle Bin, deletes files from your temporary folders, and more The Free Windows Cleanup Tool is a quite simple method to optimize the performance of the body and never having to mess about with the Windows registry CleanUp! frees space and reduces the “clutter” on your pc helping it to perform more efficiently. The registry cleaner lets you quickly perform free windows cleanup tool which will optimize the device and remove errors and junk files. After downloading it and installing it on your PC, then you’re able to run scans on your pc to correct any problems Additionally it can be utilized as an easy way to safeguard your privacy on the Internet. This can lead to improved performance of the Windows system, and it is likely to make it more attentive to your commands You may even instruct CleanUp! to securely delete files which makes it impossible to retrieve their contents using lower-level disk tools – yet another means of protecting your privacy. This may permit you to save time when trying to accomplish tasks online.

Download Windows CleanUp Latest Version

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Windows CleanUp Main features

Windows-CleanUp is a utility software that helps users to clean and optimize their Windows-based computers. Some of its main features include:

  • Disk Cleanup: Windows-CleanUp can help users free up disk space by deleting temporary files, browser cache, and other unnecessary system files. This can improve the computer’s performance and reduce the risk of errors and crashes.
  • Registry Cleaner: The software includes a registry cleaner tool that scans the Windows registry for errors, invalid entries, and other issues. Users can then fix these problems to improve the stability and speed of their computer.
  • Uninstaller: Windows-CleanUp includes an uninstaller tool that allows users to remove unwanted programs and their associated files and registry entries. This can help free up disk space and reduce clutter on the computer.
  • Startup Manager: The software includes a startup manager tool that allows users to control which programs start up when the computer boots up. This can help improve the computer’s boot time and overall performance.
  • Privacy Protection: Windows-CleanUp can help users protect their privacy by deleting traces of their online activity, such as browser history, cookies, and temporary files. This can help prevent unauthorized access and improve the computer’s security.
  • Customizable Settings: The software allows users to customize the cleaning and optimization process by selecting which files and registry entries to delete or keep. Users can also create their own cleaning profiles and schedules.
Overall, Windows-CleanUp is a comprehensive and user-friendly software that can help users clean and optimize their Windows-based computers. It is suitable for both personal and professional use.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Windows CleanUp:

What is Windows CleanUp? Windows-CleanUp is a utility software that helps users to clean and optimize their Windows-based computers. It includes tools for disk cleanup, registry cleaning, program uninstallation, startup management, privacy protection, and more.

Is Windows-CleanUp free? No, Windows-CleanUp is not a free software. It offers a free trial period for users to test its features, but after that, users need to purchase a license to continue using it.

Is Windows-CleanUp safe to use? Yes, Windows-CleanUp is safe to use when downloaded from a reputable source. It is important to note that the software can delete important system files or registry entries, so users should be cautious when selecting which files to delete.

How often should I use Windows CleanUp? Users can use Windows-CleanUp as often as needed to maintain their computer’s performance and cleanliness. It is recommended to use it at least once a month to remove temporary files and other unnecessary data.

Can Windows-CleanUp delete all my files? No, Windows-CleanUp only deletes temporary files, browser cache, and other unnecessary system files. Users can select which files to delete and exclude important files from deletion.

Can Windows-CleanUp speed up my computer? Yes, Windows-CleanUp can help speed up a computer by removing unnecessary files and registry entries, uninstalling unwanted programs, and managing startup items. However, the actual speed improvement depends on the computer’s hardware and other factors.

What happens if I delete important files with Windows CleanUp? Users should be cautious when selecting which files to delete with Windows CleanUp. If important files or registry entries are deleted, it can cause system errors or crashes. It is recommended to create a backup before running Windows CleanUp.

Does Windows-CleanUp support multiple languages? Yes, Windows-CleanUp supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more. Users can select their preferred language in the settings.

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