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TeraCopy is software that can speed up the process of copying and pasting data or files on a Windows computer or laptop.

TeraCopy Download
TeraCopy Download

Download TeraCopy For Windows Latest Download – Fast downloads of the latest free software! Click now. Free download for Windows 11. 10. 8,1. 8. 7. Vista. XP. 32bit & 64bit, Mac & Android | TeraCopy is just a compact program made to copy and move files at the utmost possible speed, also providing you with plenty of features The sheer simplicity of TeraCopy causes it to be a good selection for anyone trying to transfer files. TeraCopy is an alternative party transfer service that allows users to move data from one device to another and never has to micromanage transfers Copy files are faster. TeraCopy uses dynamically adjusted buffers to cut back seek times. Asynchronous copy boosts file transfer between two physical hard drives.

Unlike many competitors, TeraCopy can operate alone without a lot of human interaction Pause and resume transfers. Pause the copy process anytime to take back system resources and continue with an individual click. The service automatically detects corrupt files and presents a screen box to users. However, if no action is taken in a quantity of time, this program simply skips the file to carry on the transfer process. Consequently, mass transfers don’t get hung through to minute file errors Error recovery. In case there is a copy error, TeraCopy will endeavor many times and in the worst case just skip the file, not terminating the whole transfer.

One of many services’ main strong points is its capability to transfer locked files, without exposing their contents Interactive file list. TeraCopy shows failed file transfers and enables you to repair the problem and recopy only problem files. Overall, this program does congrats replacing the initial transfer systems on Windows and Mac, because it is fast, safe, and efficient at detecting errors.

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What is TeraCopy used for?

TeraCopy is a popular file transfer and management tool designed to expedite and improve the process of copying and moving files within your computer. Developed by Code Sector, this utility has gained immense recognition for its speed, reliability, and advanced features. Let’s explore its capabilities in more detail.

Key Features of TeraCopy

1. Lightning-Fast File Transfers

TeraCopy’s standout feature is its incredible speed. It maximizes your file transfer rate by dynamically adjusting buffers and utilizing asynchronous copy to achieve the fastest possible data transfer speeds. This means that you can move your files from one location to another swiftly, saving valuable time.

2. Error Recovery

One of the most frustrating aspects of file transfers is encountering errors that disrupt the process. TeraCopy minimizes the chances of this happening by intelligently recovering any files that encounter errors during the transfer. This ensures that your data remains intact and uncorrupted.

3. Seamless Integration

TeraCopy seamlessly integrates with Windows Explorer, making it a natural extension of your operating system. You can use it for all your file operations, including copying, moving, and even verifying files.

4. Queue Management

For users dealing with multiple file transfers, TeraCopy offers a convenient queue management system. You can prioritize your file transfer tasks, pause and resume transfers, and even remove tasks from the queue as needed.

5. CRC Checksum Verification

To guarantee the integrity of your files, TeraCopy performs CRC checksum verification during and after file transfers. This ensures that the copied files are identical to the original, leaving no room for errors.

How to Use TeraCopy

Using TeraCopy is straightforward and user-friendly. Follow these simple steps to harness its full potential:

1. Set as Default Copy Handler (Optional)

You can choose to set TeraCopy as your default copy handler. This means that every time you copy or move files, TeraCopy will take charge, enhancing your file transfer experience.

2. Start Copying

To copy files, simply drag and drop them into the TeraCopy window or use the context menu in Windows Explorer. TeraCopy will take care of the rest, ensuring a smooth and fast transfer.

3. Monitor Progress

As the files are transferred, TeraCopy provides a real-time progress report, showing you the status of each file in the queue.

4. Enjoy Error-Free Transfers

Thanks to TeraCopy’s error recovery mechanisms, you can have peace of mind knowing that your files are transferred without corruption.


In a world where time is of the essence, TeraCopy is an invaluable tool for anyone who deals with file transfers regularly. Its incredible speed, error recovery capabilities, and seamless integration with Windows Explorer make it a must-have utility. Whether you are a professional managing large data transfers or a casual user looking for a more efficient way to handle files, TeraCopy is your solution.

Harness the power of TeraCopy and experience file transfers like never before. Say goodbye to slow and error-prone file operations and embrace the efficiency that TeraCopy offers. It’s time to take control of your data management and work with the best.

Technical Information

File Name: teracopy.exe

File Size: 8.75 MB

Languages: Multi-languages

Requirements: Windows 11. Windows 10. Windows 8.1. Windows 8. Windows 7. ( 64 Bit and 32 Bit)

License: Free

Author/Web: Code Sector / http://codesector.com/maverick

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