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PDF Eraser is Windows-based software that erases and removes pictures, logos, text, and any other unwanted objects from PDF documents

Download PDF Eraser’s latest version for Windows – Fast downloads of the latest free software! Click now. Free download for Windows 11. 10. 8,1. 8. 7. Vista. XP. 32bit & 64bit. Mac & Android | PDF Eraser is Windows-based software that erases and removes pictures, logos, text, and any unwanted objects from PDF documents PDF Eraser is a lightweight yet efficient application that enables you to effortlessly erase text, logos, images, and several other unnecessary objects from your PDF documents.

The tool can be utilized for both PDF conversion (to print) along for editing PDF documents directly This program allows you to delete original content from PDF files and change it together with your images and text. Many individuals make use of this tool for editing PDF files they’ve just copied from internet sources such example JPEGs or PDFs Moreover, the application integrates a PDF Page Cutter, offering you the chance to eliminate unwanted pages from your documents.

However, users may also utilize the tool to delete some unwanted data from the PDF document and include their text and other images A PDF Rotating feature is roofed, enabling you to rotate PDF pages to your desired orientation with just one mouse click. PDF Eraser enables you to erase images and text from a report and save them to a brand-new PDF document. This PDF Eraser review aims to show you make your PDF documents better by using this PDF manipulation tool.

You will find several PDF Eraser utility tools online, but only a small number of them are created by experienced and reputable companies in the market PDF Eraser is a tool that may delete unnecessary text, images, logos, and other things from PDF documents. It must be noted that PDF utility tools delete PDF images along with text contents, so it’s important to obtain the most effective utility that enables you to customize how you need the application to work If you want to tidy up a PDF document that you received and never having to manually edit it, this tool will help expedite the process.

Amongst all of the features for sale in the tool, the most fascinating one could be the tool that enables you to manage your PDF files easily by assigning different tags to all the Users can utilize the program to eliminate some original content from the PDF file, and adding their text and images. The advanced version even allows users to produce a PDF index that can be utilized to get all PDF images in the machine and where these files were saved.

PDF Eraser is a free Windows application that deletes and erases text, images, logos, and all unnecessary objects from PDF files To summarize, whatever you have to do to create your PDF files better is to put in PDF Eraser, launch the application, and begin saving PDF files that you want to convert into PDF format PDF Eraser also features a built-in PDF Page Cutter, allowing users to delete unnecessary PDF pages, and even offers rotating functions. For the advanced users, you can even develop a PDF index for quicker search and faster PDF viewing on various systems Users can utilize the program to eliminate some original content from the PDF file, and add their text and images.

If you are finished with the method, then you’re able to proceed and remove all unwanted tags from your PDF files Besides that, PDF Eraser features a built-in PDF Page Cutter, allowing users to delete unnecessary PDF pages. To achieve this, you must head to the “Tag Manager” window and go through the “Add Tag” button Considering plenty of scanned PDF documents, PDF Eraser also added the PDF Rotating function rotates PDF pages properly with 2 clicks. Finally, save all of the PDF files that you intend to convert into PDF utilizing the “Save As” option and enjoy all-new PDF pages!

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What is PDF Eraser used for?

PDF Eraser is a user-friendly software tool that allows users to edit and modify PDF files. It provides a range of features for adding, erasing, and editing text, images, and other elements within a PDF document. PDF Eraser simplifies the process of making corrections, annotations, and adjustments to PDFs.

Key Features of PDF Eraser

PDF Eraser offers a comprehensive set of features to cater to different PDF editing needs:

  • Text and Image Erasing: The software allows users to erase text, images, and other elements within a PDF document, making it easy to correct or remove content.
  • Text and Image Adding: Users can add text and images to PDFs, enabling them to insert annotations, comments, and additional content.
  • Page Rotation: PDF Eraser provides tools for rotating individual pages within a PDF file, ensuring that content is correctly oriented.
  • Page Crop: Users can crop PDF pages to remove unwanted white space or adjust the page dimensions.
  • PDF Export: After making edits, PDF Eraser enables users to save the modified PDF document, preserving the changes.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The software boasts an intuitive interface that makes it accessible to both beginners and experienced users.
  • Undo and Redo Functionality: PDF Eraser allows users to easily revert changes with the undo and redo functions.

When to Use PDF Eraser

Document Corrections

For individuals who need to make corrections or revisions to PDF documents, PDF Eraser simplifies the process of erasing and adding text and images.

Annotations and Comments

Professionals, educators, and students can use PDF Eraser to add annotations, comments, and highlights to PDF files, making them more interactive and informative.

Page Manipulation

When users need to rotate, crop, or adjust the dimensions of individual pages within a PDF document, PDF Eraser provides the tools to do so.

PDF Optimization

PDF Eraser can be used to optimize PDFs by removing unnecessary content, ensuring that the files are streamlined and more efficient.

Technical Information

File Name:   pdferaser.exe

File Size:   7.95 MB

Languages:   Multi-languages

Requirements:    Windows 11. Windows 10. Windows 8.1. Windows 8. Windows 7. ( 64 Bit and 32 Bit)

License:   Free

Author / Web:   ModifierPDF / https://www.pdferaser.net

Latest Version:   PDF Eraser 1.9.5

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